Commitment Membership

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Don't just make it a resolution, make it a lifestyle. The Commitment Membership is built to provide you with all the resources necessary to achieve fitness success. As a Commitment Member, you gain access to more than just a gym membership, you gain expert insight to all the critical steps required in transforming your life. Commitment Membership enrollment ends Friday, January 11th. Black Friday deal only applies to the memberships activated on Black Friday, November 23rd.

Membership Pricing

Resident (Bentonville)$225$405
Resident (Bentonville)$450$685

Membership Perks

  • Annual Membership
  • Bentonville Community Center Gift Card
    • $30/per Individual
    • $50/per Family
  • Swag Bag with Towel & Water Bottle
    • 2 per Family Membership
  • In Body 370 Assessment
    • 2 per Family Membership
  • 60 Minute Nutrition Consultation with a Licensed Dietitian
    • Group Session per Family Membership
  • 60 Minute Fitness Consultation with a Certified Personal Trainer
    • Group Session per Family Membership

Perk Highlights

  • Community Center Gift Card

    • Members can use the Community Center gift card to purchase or pay towards any Bentonville Parks & Recreation sanctioned program or event. 
    • Members can use the Community Center gift card to purchase day passes for friends and family to accompany them at the facility.
    • There will be no refunds or transfers for purchases made via Community Center gift card.
  • In Body 370 Assessment

    • The In Body 370 Assessment is a revolutionary tool used to analyze and calculate your critical fitness values.
    • Discover readings such as: percent body fat, skeletal muscle mass, lean body mass, basal metabolic rate, and much more.
    • Great for finding your baseline, and checking progress!
  • Nutrition & Fitness Consultations

    • As a Commitment Member, you will receive a complimentary Nutrition Consultation and a Fitness Consultation, each with their own respective field professionals.
    • All consultations will be scheduled for 60 minutes in duration.
    • Prior to meeting with the professional, you will be carefully paired to ensure you are meeting with the professional that will best suite your needs.

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