City of Bentonville Storm Warning Siren



The City of Bentonville will test the city’s storm warning sirens on the second Friday of each month, with weather permitting. During the test, or an actual emergency, the sirens will sound twice. 

 The first sound will be a steady blast for 3 minutes. This activation of the storm warning system means that an imminently dangerous storm is approaching the City. All citizens should take protective shelter at this time. 

 The second sound will be alternating high/low tones which will last 45 seconds. The 45 second activation of the storm warning system means that the weather has passed and the City is no longer in danger. All citizens may leave their area of shelter and proceed with daily routines. 

 The City of Bentonville would like to remind the citizens of Bentonville that this warning system is designed to alert people that are outside. People inside of a building might not hear the storm warning sirens and should use a radio, television or weather alert radio as means of monitoring weather conditions. You may sign up for alerts through, this will allow you to get alerts to your cell phone, home phone, text message and email.

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