Compost Facility

The city of Bentonville produces and sells composting materials.


  • Bentonville citizens may dispose of yard waste with a recent utility bill and a photo identification.
  • Recycling bins are available at the Composting Facility during normal business hours.
  • Bentonville Compost Facility is currently accepting commercial waste haulers every Monday and Friday through the end of October 2021. This will be for brush, limbs, and tree wood. No root balls will be allowed to be disposed of. 


Compost Fees

Description New Fees starting August 10, 2021
Bagged compost 40 lbs bag $ 4 Dollars per bag
Screened compost $ 20 Dollars per cubic yard
Unscreened compost
​Free to residents when available
$ 12 Dollars per cubic yard
Composted wood hulls
​ Free to residents when available.
$ 8 per cubic yard
Raw wood mulch
Free to resident when available. 
Free to residents. No sales No Bulk
Bulk loading fee. $ 20 per load
Composted wood hulls
$ 8 per cubic yard  
plus bulk loading fee
Unscreened Compost 
$ 8 per cubic yard
plus bulk loading fee
Bulk means 10 cubic yards or more.