Compost Facility

Starting Jan. 1, 2024, our compost facility will no longer accept Commercial Haulers.  
The city of Bentonville produces and sells composting materials.


  • Bentonville citizens may dispose of yard waste with a recent utility bill and a photo identification.
  • Recycling bins are available at the Composting Facility during normal business hours.
  • Bentonville Compost Facility accepts commercial waste haulers on Monday and Friday only .

As of July 1st 2023, the City of Bentonville Compost Facility will no longer accept personal checks for compost sales. All compost sales will be made by cash payment only.

Compost Purchase Prices

Grade of Compost
Description Price
 Fine Grade (Screened) Larger pieces of wood have been removed $20 per cubic yard
Medium Grade (Unscreened) Larger pieces of wood have not been removed $12 per cubic yard
Coarse Grade Composted Wood that has been removed by the screening process (dark brown color) $8 per cubic yard
Wood Mulch Uncomposted Raw Wood Mulch
(tan to grey color)
Residents: Free
$8 per cubic yard
Pre-Bagged Compost Fine Screened Compost $4 per 40 pound  Bag
Unscreened Bulk Unscreened Compost (10 yards or more) $8 per cubic yard + $20 loading fee