Residential Applications

Single Family Dwelling / Duplex Permit Application

View the single family dwelling / duplex permit application (PDF). The submittal requirements are as following:

  • Site Plan (must include lot dimensions, easements, retaining walls, setbacks and public sidewalks. View an example (PDF).
  • Construction Plans - (includes floor plan(s) and elevations)
  • Must submit a Fence Permit Application (PDF) if constructing a fence.

Fence Permit Application

View the fence permit application (PDF). The submittal requirement is a site plan.

Retaining Wall Permit Application

View the retaining wall permit application (PDF). Contact the engineering department at 479-271-3168 for more information.

Multi-family Dwelling Permit Application

View the multi-family dwelling permit application (PDF). The submittal requirements are as following:

  • One complete set of stamped building drawings. (Must include applicable codes, occupant load, area modifications used, travel distances)
  • A CD of the construction plans in PDF and DWG (AutoCad) format. Files may also be emailed to Annette Brightwell with Drop Box or another similar application.
  • A CD of the approved large scale development plan in DWG (AutoCad) format.
  • Signed "Development Letter." (Sent to the owner after Planning Commission approval)
  • Arkansas State Health approval for inside plumbing.

Miscellaneous Permit Application

View the miscellaneous permit application (PDF) for residential remodels, pools, additions, demolitions, accessory buildings, storm shelters, decks, etc. The submittal requirements are as following:

  • Site plan (must show lot, existing structures, setbacks for additions, pools covered decks, and accessory buildings). View an example.