Mission Statement

The Bentonville Fire Department is a professional organization consisting of career and part time firefighters, emergency medical technicians, paramedics, and special technical response personnel who are joined as one department, and motivated for the purpose protecting the citizens and visitors of the City of Bentonville, and their property, from the ravages of uncontrolled fire, medical and environmental emergencies, and any other emergency for which a person has need for rescue of assistance.

We will provide these services by:

  • Uniting together with companions in whom we trust, with selfless courage, teamwork, and honor.
  • Committing ourselves to our profession with humble confidence in our readiness to fight the effects of fire and other destructive forces in our community.
  • Keeping ourselves disciplined by accepting honest accountability for our actions and the decisions we make, yet remaining loyal to our city and our department, with obedience to our professional ethics.
  • Respecting the citizens of the community and being prudent in the management of the resources we are afforded with which we carry out our mission.
  • Training to keep a fine edge on our skills and gaining additional knowledge by which we may be more pro-active and perform our jobs to our best.
  • Showing compassion for our patients, and the victims of fire and trauma, by displaying a friendly demeanor with tact and a dedication to their well being.
  • Acting with integrity, and maturity, keeping a responsible sense of humor, and being leaders in the community so that we serve as role models for our community by displaying only the best of the brotherhood of firefighters.


Serving with courage, integrity, and compassion.