Criminal Nuisance Board


  • Howard Kerr
    50 Stonehenge Drive
    Phone: 479-271-8422
  • Deborah Matteri
    602 North Main Street
    Phone: 479-273-6685
  • Tom Morris
    508 West Central Avenue
    Phone: 479-273-0329


Board members are all residents of the City of Bentonville, and are generally selected to serve based on their experience in relative fields, particularly, architecture, general contracting, sub-contracting, real estate, engineering, law and business. Members are appointed by the Mayor and City Council, and serve rotating terms.

General Overview

The Criminal Nuisance Abatement Board of the City of Bentonville plays a vital role in ensuring that the authority of local government to enforce minimum standards for property maintenance and development is balanced with the rights of private property owners and their right to due process.

The Board is designed to hear complaints from citizens and law enforcement about establishments and property owners that allow their property to become a nuisance to neighbors due to unsightly or unsanitary conditions or illegal activities.

The Board is a quasi-judicial - meaning "like court" - body which has the authority to conduct hearings after notice has been given to the property owner, and may find and declare the place or premises to be a public nuisance. Following such a finding, the Board has the option of ordering the property owner to stop the nuisance or closing the property. If the property owner disagrees with the Board's decision, the owner has the right to appeal the order to Circuit Court.


Citizens, code enforcement officers, police officers or other officials may file a sworn Complaint with the Board. Complaint forms are available online through this site and at the City of Bentonville's Technical Services Office at 315 Southwest A Street. Completed forms should be turned into the Technical Services Office.