At the heart of our agency is our Department's Patrol unit. In a continuing effort, these men and women strive to make our roadways and neighborhoods safe by enforcing criminal and traffic laws, contacting citizens in need, and patrolling their assigned areas. The Bentonville Police Department is proud of its long-standing tradition of police services to the residents of this great community.

Primary Responsibilities

The primary responsibility of the Uniform Patrol Unit is to answer calls for service, provide traffic safety enforcement, and provide proactive community patrols. This Unit responds to calls for service throughout Bentonville. The Bentonville Police Department responds to a variety of calls for service in a typical day with the most common calls including accidents, false alarms and reports of criminal activity. 

Patrol Unit Vehicle

Responding Officer Responsibilities

It is the responsibility of the responding officers to initiate criminal investigations through observation and field interviews, make arrests of criminal suspects, and document their actions for further investigation by detectives. They also conduct proactive community patrols which give each officer the opportunity to actively patrol the neighborhoods and business areas as a deterrent to crime. Lastly, community policing and attending neighborhood watch meetings encourage the continuous dialogue with members of both residential and business communities which ultimately helps reduce crime in Bentonville.