Our professional staff provides technical review, expertise, and support for large scale developments and residential/commercial subdivision projects as well as in house design for City Projects.  Our proven 3 step process for development includes Plan Review, Pre-Construction, and Final Inspection.

Plan Review

We work hand in hand and coordinate with other City departments, consultants, engineers, and developers to ensure compliance with the City's Land Development Code, Storm Water Ordinance (PDF), Drainage Manual (PDF), and Street Ordinance (PDF) to help property owners achieve their project goals while protecting City Interests and forging relationships.


A pre-construction meeting must be scheduled through this department before starting construction activities. Final construction plans, local and state agency approvals, and financial Performance Guarantees (PDF) must be delivered before scheduling a pre-construction meeting.


At the pre-construction meeting, the project plans will be discussed by representatives from all the City Departments.  After meeting, plans will then be stamped "approved for construction." 

Pre-construction meetings are held on Thursdays. A minimum of one week notice is required.


During Construction, our Engineering Construction and Storm Water Inspectors will observe and inspect your project. Our team of inspectors has over 50 years of construction inspection experience!

Site Final Inspection

Our team will coordinate with all City departments and carefully inspect your site for compliance; so, that Certificate of Occupancy can be applied for through the Building Department. All improvements are to be completed and maintenance guarantees must be delivered in order to complete the last step of our process. 


Final inspection meetings are held on Tuesdays. A minimum of one week notice is required. To schedule, the Engineer of Record must submit the Site Certification, Asbuilts and List of Donated Assets.  Site Final must be approved before scheduling your Building Final. 

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