Review and fill out the Adopt-a-Park Application (PDF) or Adopt-a-Trail Program Application (PDF).

Orientation Meeting

The City's Community Programs Coordinator will contact the primary contact, as a listed on the application form, to schedule the orientation meeting.


Volunteer work sessions must be scheduled with the Parks and Recreation Department. Group volunteer work sessions require a fourteen day notice and individual volunteer work sessions require a seven day notice. Organizations shall designate a representative who will be responsible for scheduling the volunteer work sessions with the Parks and Recreation Department at 479-464-PARK, extension 1.

Record Keeping

It is essential that an up-to-date record is maintained of volunteer information for inclusion in the annual Volunteer Community of the Year award. Using the Volunteer Time Log, please track the number of volunteers, the amount of time served and the activity or activities performed. Send the form to the Parks and Recreation Department within twenty-four hours after the volunteer work session.

Safety & Personal Protective Equipment

Depending on jobs performed, safety equipment such as gloves, sturdy shoes, earplugs, close-toed shoes, sun hats, bug spray, or sunscreen may be appropriate. The City will provide certain materials. This will be discussed during the orientation meeting.

How to Sign-Up