Swim Lessons


Bentonville Parks and Recreation offers a variety of swim lesson classes for all different ages and abilities at the Bentonville Community Center.

Swim Lesson Class Offerings

  • Parent-tot (6 months - 2.5 years old)
  • Pre-K (2.5 years old - 5 years old)
    • Pre-K1
    • Pre-K2
    • Pre-K3
  • Youth (6 years old - 13 years old)
    • Youth 1
    • Youth 2
    • Youth 3
  • Adult

Note, participation in a class does not guarantee advancement to the next level.

Please alert instructors before the first day of class if there are any special needs or situations, which may assist us to enhance your child's learning experience.

Placing your swimmer in an inappropriate class level for their ability can hinder their class experience. If needed, you may be asked to move levels to better suit your child. There is no guarantee that the new level with be at the same time or with the same instructor. If there is no room in other classes for re-placement, Bentonville Parks and Recreation holds the right to remove your child from the group swim lesson.

Current COVID-19 class structure and facility guidelines

All classes will be 3-4 kids per class.  Instructors are able to teach hands on, but are required to wear a face shield while in the pool with you and/or your child.  While participants are waiting their turn for instruction we ask that all participants practice social distancing.  

Masks are required throughout our facility and we ask they are only removed when actively participating in your registered program.  At this time we will not be providing goggles for any participants.  Please limit those attending lessons to a parent and the participant as there is limited setting in the pool.

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