Private Swim Lessons

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Private Instruction

Private lessons are a great resource to further your swimming abilities for any age, and at any level. We usually suggest private lessons for people who are very nervous around the water, don’t fit the regular age and group levels, do better with one-on-one instruction, and / or looking for specialized results.

We start little one as young as 6 months.  Our amazing instructors work with them to develop knowledge of their body in the water, floating, and getting out of the pool.  There is so much more these little ones will learn as they continue to take lessons from our instructors.

We also work with those continuing to develop their confidence and stroke.  If you or your little one are not confident in your swimming ability, we have great instructors to help you work through trials as an instructor. 

Are you looking for specific stroke technique or training for an event.  We have great instructors with experience in getting you ready for swim team, developing your stroke for a better workout, or training for upcoming events.

We can setup an instructor that best fits the need of your swimmers end goals. Private lessons are often more flexible and catered directly towards what the individual swimmer is wanting out of the lessons.


To register for private swim lessons please fill out the Private Lessons Request Form below and return it to the Bentonville Community Center or via email to Kendra Musick -

  Individual Lesson (30 min) 10 Pack of Lessons
Members $35 $335
Non-members $40 $385

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