Tennis Program


Registration Coming Soon!

Bentonville Parks and Recreation partners with Ozark Tennis Academy to teach our tennis programming in order to provide the highest quality service and professionalism there is around. Our program offers tennis skill development, fundamental practice, and proper form etiquette for every tennis player regardless of skill level. Our tennis coaches are some of the top tennis pros around and have a high level of knowledge, experience, and skill. Bentonville Parks and Recreation brings a prestigious tennis program to public of all ages who want to learn tennis, improve their skill, or just get out and play.

Please take a look at our Registration Flyer for more information coming soon. All tennis programming will take place at Citizens Park, Memorial Park and Wildwood Park.

Non-Resident Fees

As of January 1, 2019 Bentonville Parks and Recreation began collecting Non-Resident Fees for the tennis program.

When paying for private lessons through Bentonville Parks and Recreation, non-residents will pay a non-resident fee seasonally. Seasons throughout the year will occur in the Spring (March - May), Summer (June - August), Fall (September - November), and Winter (December - February). 

A non-resident fee will be applied on the first transaction within each of these seasons, upon registering for tennis programming as a non-resident. Once the non-resident fee is paid within one of these seasons, it will not be charged again until the following season. this fee applies to each family member within the family (it is an individual fee). 

The fee charge will appear on your registration as a membership, to avoid further reoccurring charges within the season. Applying non-resident fees seasonally allows the department to avoid charging a non-resident fee for every private lesson taught. 

  1. Private Lessons

Private lessons are for any player or players that would like individual or special instruction. These lessons will be set up directly through our Bentonville Parks & Recreation Tennis Pros.

Cost - Private: $55/hr for 1 person

Semi-private: $30 each/hr for 2 people

Group-privates: $20 each/hr for 3+ people.

Please contact Ben Harp at to get set up for any private tennis lessons.