Bentonville Fitness Series

Bentonville Fitness Series

The Bentonville Parks & Recreation Fitness Series is a revolutionary fitness motivational tool. Working on a quarterly basis, these unique monthly fitness challenges will keep you on your toes and guide you fitness success. Our sponsor, GNC of Frisco Station Mall provides amazing awards for our quarterly winners!

Enrollment Cost: $30/per quarter

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Quarterly Enrollment Includes:

  • 3 Months of Challenges
  • Quarterly T-Shirt
  • In Body 370 Assessment

Quarterly Outline

  • Winter
    • January 30 for 30
    • February TRAIN Board
    • March Madness
  • Spring
    • April Ultra-Marathon Challenge
    • The A-May-Zing Race
    • June Elevate Challenge
  • Summer
    • July Day to Day Challenge
    • August Heisman Running
    • September Champion Trials
  • Fall
    • October Triathlon Challenge
    • November Fitnopoly: The Game of Fitness
    • December 12 Days of Fitmas
  1. Hayden Bough

    Recreation Specialist