Camp Archery

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Camp Archery will highlight the enjoyment of traditional archery by teaching campers how to shoot successfully using a recurve bare bow! Campers will enjoy training for successful shooting and will receive and introduction to basic archery history and the equipment that is used in the sport. After the basics are learned, campers will have a blast shooting at targets, balloons, and participating in archery games. The week is wrapped with an archery tournament of skills. The camp will be taught by Lovilla S. Dunlap, Level 3 certified USA Archery Instructor. All equipment will be provided. Camp will take place at Orchards Park in Bentonville. Camp is limited to 12 campers ages 10 - 14. Each camper will receive a Camp Bentonville t-shirt. 


As of January 1, 2019 Bentonville Parks and Recreation will be collecting Non-Resident Fees for the Camp Bentonville program.

$95 per resident camper

$135 per non-resident camper

Schedule will be released February 1, 2019 for the upcoming year.