Camp STEAM Ahead

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Have fun with STEAM Ahead as we explore a full array of science concepts and theories such as physics, biology, chemistry, and earth science. Campers will participate in daily hands-on experiments, activities, crafts, and games that will engage their scientific minds.  

Each day we will focus on a different science subject. We will do a game, snack, variety of activities and experiments. Here are some examples we will choose from. 

Physics- Newtons Law of Motion, Inertia tower challenges, Kite making - flight principles, egg drop challenge, vortex cannons, balloon races, hover crafts, and more. 

Biology- Blood model in a bottle, lung model, Robot hand movement, bone casts with plaster, explore fingerprints, human body trivia, senses games, and more.

Chemistry- Film canister rockets, butane bubbles, oobleck, nitrogen cloud, dry ice bubbles, mentos volcanoes, and more.

Earth- volcanos, flood barrier, earthquake,  salt crystals, recycle robot, oil spill clean up, solar over, the floor is lava, and more.

• $130 Member | $140 Non-Member

• Arts and Crafts Room

• Each camper is to bring their own water bottle and one healthy snack

Camp STEAM Ahead has ended for 2022!

We hope to see you in 2023!