Downtown Activity Center

Parks and Recreation Building Facade of brick building with flag

Welcome to the Downtown Activity Center!

The Downtown Activity Center is a 8,378 square foot facility located in downtown Bentonville. The Downtown Activity Center features two fitness studios where lunchtime, evening, and weekend fitness classes are offered. The Downtown Activity Center also offers a conference room for rentals made by outside organizations. With such close proximity to so many of Bentonville’s hard and soft-surface trails, the Downtown Activity center also offers a Bike Rental Program to patrons wanting to hit the trails or try out cycling and mountain biking for the first time.

In addition, the Downtown Activity Center offers a wide variety of registration for our outdoor recreation programming. Our outdoor recreation programs include youth tennis, youth soccer, youth lacrosse, youth softball, youth baseball tournaments, youth tennis tournaments, youth softball tournaments, half marathon training program, adult kickball, adult soccer, adult tennis, private tennis lessons, and much more.

The Downtown Activity Center serves as the downtown hub for recreation programming in Bentonville, as many of our recreational full-time staff have their offices located in this building.

Bike Rentals

Ever wanted to try mountain biking? Are your friends all going on a ride together, but you don't have a bike? We offer a bike rental program for our patrons.Come tot he Downtown Activity Center and rent a bike for a half day, full day, overnight, or weekend rental. This gives you the opportunity to try out cycling, mountain biking, and our trails (including the Razorback Greenway) without needing to purchase your own bike. 

Prices are $5 for a Half Day, $10 for a full day/overnight, or $20 for a weekend rate. Copy of a driver's license must be provided in order to rent out a bicycle.