Lawrence Plaza Splash Pad


Welcome to the Lawrence Plaza Splash Pad!

The Lawrence Plaza Splash Pad is a 7,000 square foot facility. This innovative designed facility utilizes a dual-function design to operate an outdoor facility throughout the entire year. In the summer months, from May to September, the facility offers a splash pad to patrons as the fountains operate on the splash pad. In the winter months, from November to January, the chiller is turned on and the concrete pad is converted into the region's only permanent outdoor ice rink. Bring your family out to Lawrence Plaza to enjoy the park and a great time. Bentonville Parks and Recreation hosts several events and programs at this facility throughout the year. 

At the facility we offer sno cones in the summer months and hot chocolate in the winter months as a refreshment option while the family is enjoying their time in the park.

In The Park Summer Series

Thursdays in the park Bentonville Parks and Recreation will be offering FREE family friendly entertainment at Lawrence Plaza. From magicians, to concerts, to science shows, and even theatre acts there's always something going on. A few select dates entertainment takes place off-site as we move programming to the Bentonville Bark Park or Dave Peel. 

Please check out our program flyer, attached here, to see what, when, and where everything is going on and join in on the fun!