I received a message that my power has been restored, but my power is actually still out. What do I do?

First, check your breaker panel and make sure no breakers are tripped.  Also, check your main breaker.  The main breaker may be located inside the house in your breaker panel, or it may be outside by the meter.  If you have checked all the breakers and the power is still not on, reply to the restoration message with OUT, or call 1-800-286-1262 to report the outage via phone.

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1. What is TextPower for the Electric Department?
2. How do I sign up for this service?
3. How do I verify the correct phone number is on my account so I will be auto-enrolled?
4. How often will I receive text messages?
5. Will I receive text messages that are not related to power outages?
6. Is there any charge for using the TextPower service?
7. In the past, I have used 1-800-286-1262 as the after-hours phone number to report outages. Is the same number used to report outages via both phone and text?
8. What do I type in the text message to report or request information on an outage?
9. What if I would like to add multiple phone numbers to our account to receive notifications?
10. What if I don’t want to receive text messages on my cell phone?
11. What if I manage multiple accounts with my cell phone number?
12. What if I would like to monitor a family member’s account?
13. What if I opted out, but would like to re-enroll?
14. I accidentally sent the word OUT to 1-800-286-1262, but I do not actually have a power outage. What do I do?
15. Will I receive text notifications if my account is affected by an outage even if I am not home to report the outage myself?
16. My power went out. Why didn’t I get a text message?
17. My friend across town has a power outage at their house. Can I report the outage for them via text message?
18. I received a message that my power has been restored, but my power is actually still out. What do I do?
19. I have a downed power line in my yard. Can I report this via text message?
20. I reported my outage via text message. Why haven’t I received a message with an estimated restore time or outage cause yet?
21. How accurate are the restoration times provided?
22. It is past my estimated restore time but my power is still not on. Do I need to report the outage again?