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Conceptual and Pre-Application Meeting Request Form

  1. Conceptual and Pre-Application Meeting Request Form

    All Pre-Application meetings take place in 1-hour increments on Wednesdays. Any requests for these meetings must be submitted before the end of day the Friday before your requested meeting date. All meetings are confirmed in the order they are received. You will receive a confirmation email from when your meeting is scheduled. 

  2. Is this a request for a conceptual meeting or a pre-application meeting?*

    Please click here to review the pre-application checklist. To request a pre-application meeting, you must submit 90% completed plans. 

  3. Project Contact

    In this section, please list the primary contact for your project. 

  4. Project Details
  5. Residential, commercial, industrial, ect

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  7. Project Questionnaire
  8. Which departments are needed for this meeting?*
  9. Supporting Documents

    Click here for the submittal checklist.

    Click here for the Planning Commission and Board of Adjustment calendar. 

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