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Public Art Proposal

  1. Proposal for Public Art
  2. Type of Proposal
  3. Is the project a collaboration among multiple artists?*
  4. Is the project curated by someone or an organization other than the artist?*

    Complete this section with the primary artist's information. If this is a collaborative project with multiple artists, we will reach out for additional information on the other artists.

  6. Provide at least three (3) images of previous artwork. Include title, date, media, location and brief description.

  7. Provide website address, if applicable.


    Complete this section with the primary contact of the curator of this project, if applicable. If the project is being submitted by the artist, proceed to Section 3) Artwork Details.

  10. Provide the title of the artwork. This will be used for all agreements, signage and promotions.
  11. What are the primary materials in the artwork?
  12. Can the artwork be scaled smaller or larger?*
  13. You may either type directly into this application form or attached a Word or PDF document. If attaching a document, type in "See attachment" here to ensure the application is complete.

  14. Provide at least one detailed sketch, drawing or digital illustration of the proposed artwork. Proposal illustrations should accurately and clearly describe the work, including dimensions, materials and an accurate portrayal of the final artwork in order to be considered for selection.

  16. Is the proposal for temporary or permanent display?*
  17. If temporary, what is the requested display period?*
  18. Is the artwork already complete?*
  19. If yes, artwork is complete, is it currently on display?*
  20. If no, artwork is not complete, how much time is needed for fabrication?*
  21. Is the artwork best suited for indoor or outdoor display?*
  22. Is a foundation required to install the artwork?*

    Be sure that the cost of the foundation and any engineering needed for installation is included in the budget.

  23. Provide in inches.

  24. Does the artwork require access to electricity?*
  25. Does the artwork require access to water?*
  26. What is the life expectancy of the artwork?*
  27. Are there any special maintenance needs for this artwork?*
  29. Describe all materials needed to fabricate the proposed artwork.

  30. Describe costs associated with production, such as equipment rental, that is specific for the proposed artwork.

  31. Describe costs specifically related to installation, such as rental of installation equipment and installation materials. Do not include travel for installation. This is provided for below.

  32. The sum of the costs provided above to create the proposed artwork. 

    (a) Material costs + (b) Production costs + (c) Installation costs. 

  33. This fee should not exceed 20% of the total fabrication budget provided above in (d) Total fabrication budget.

  34. Include cost estimates for gas, truck rental, food and lodging associated with site visits and installation.

  35. The sum of fabrication costs, artist's fee and travel costs.

    (d) Total fabrication budget + (e) Artist's fee + (c) Travel costs.

  36. What is the planned funding for this proposal?*
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