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Public Art Proposal

  1. Proposal for Public Art


  3. Provide at least three (3) images of previous artwork. Include title, date, media, location and brief description.


  5. Are there any special requirements (i.e. water, electricity)*

  6. What steps need to be taken in order to ensure the life expectancy of the artwork?

  7. Narrative

    Explain the proposal, describe the inspiration for the artwork and how it contributes to the visitor's experience. You may either type directly into this application form or attached a Word or PDF document.

  8. OR

  9. Provide at least one detailed sketch, drawing or digital illustration of the proposed artwork. Proposal illustrations should accurately and clearly describe the work, including dimensions, materials and an accurate portrayal of the final artwork.

  10. BUDGET

  11. Indicate the total budget amount for the proposal that includes the artist's time, materials, cost of transportation, and installation. Costs for travel, lodging and food are not eligible.

  12. Submit a detailed line item budget showing the costs for the artist's time, materials, transportation and installation.

  13. If this proposal is for a temporary display, please indicate the one year lease price.

  14. If this proposal is for a temporary display, please indicate the purchase price.

  15. Credit

    Can the lease amount be credited to the purchase price?

  16. If this project is not part of a Request for Proposals for artwork, please describe how the proposal will be funded.

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