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Zoning Letter Request

  1. Zoning Request Form

    Complete this form if you require an official letter from the City of Bentonville identifying the zoning district of a specific property. Once you submit the request, the city will research the property and issue the formal letter to the contact information provided.

  2. Contact Information

    Complete the fields below according to who and where the official letter should be sent.

  3. Property Information

    Complete the field below in relation to the property in question. 

  4. Staff will need either one of these in order to conduct research on the property.

  5. If you need additional information, share your request above. 

  6. Thank you for contacting the City of Bentonville Planning Department. Please allow up to 7 days for your request to be completed. For more information or additional questions, call (479) 271-3122 or email

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