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  2. It is the standard practice of the Bentonville Police Department to conduct comprehensive and thorough investigations into any allegation of misconduct or substandard service.

     Our procedure for receiving and investigating such allegations shall comply with all requirements of Arkansas law and in compliance with the Bentonville Police Department policies and procedures. Complaints will be accepted in person, over the telephone, online, or in writing. Anonymous complaints or complaints from individuals who wish their names to be held in confidence, will also be accepted for investigation.

     The notification of the complainant is an integral part of a complete investigation. However, it should be emphasized that only the final disposition will be released. State law does not permit the Police Department to release the contents of the citizen's complaint investigations since these matters are deemed to be confidential.

      Ark Code Annotated 5-54-122 Filing false report with law enforcement agency.
    (a) As used in this section, "report" means any communication, either written or oral, sworn or unsworn.
    (b) A person commits the offense of filing a false report if he or she files a report with any law enforcement agency or prosecuting attorney's office of any alleged criminal wrongdoing on the part of another person knowing that the report is false.
    (c) (1) Filing a false report is a Class D felony if:

    (A)The alleged criminal wrongdoing is a capital offense, Class Y felony, Class A felony, or Class B felony;

    (B)The law enforcement agency or prosecuting attorney's office to whom the false report is made has expended in excess of five hundred dollars ($500) in order to investigate the false report, including the costs of labor;
     (C) Physical injury results to any person as a result of the false report;
     (D) The false report is made in an effort by the person filing the false report to conceal his or her own criminal activity; or
     (E) The false report results in another person being arrested.

    (2) Otherwise, filing a false report is a Class A misdemeanor.

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