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   Submittal Requirements:

      (information required in addition to application)

Single Family Dwelling/Duplex Permit Application

   1 or 2 units


*Fence Permit Application


*Retaining Wall Permit Application


  • Site Plan (must include lot dimensions, easements, retaining walls, setbacks and public sidewalks. (Example)

  • Construction Plans- (includes floor plan(s) and elevations)

  • Must submit a Fence Permit Application if constructing a fence.


  • Site Plan



Multi-family Dwelling Permit Application

    3+ units

  • One complete set of stamped building drawings. (Must include applicable codes, occupant load, area modifications used, travel distances)

  • A CD of the construction plans in PDF and DWG (AutoCad) format. Files may also be sent digitally with Drop Box or another similar application to

  • A CD of the approved large scale development plan in DWG (AutoCad) format.

  • Signed "Development Letter". (Sent to the owner after Planning Commission approval)

  • Arkansas State Health approval for inside plumbing.


Miscellaneous Permit Application

Residential remodels, pools, additions, demolitions, accessory buildings, storm shelters, decks, etc.

  • Site plan (must show lot, existing structures, setbacks for additions, pools covered decks, and accessory buildings). (Example)