Recycling Program

2000 N.W. "A" Street
Monday thru Saturday 8:00am to 4:00pm
Joe McMahon, Compost Crew Leader 479-271-5954
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The City of Bentonville's recycling program is known as a "Single Sort" program that does not require you to sort your recyclable materials.  You merely place the recyclables in your recycling cart and place it at the curb.  All sorting is done at the recycling center.

It is important not to place any items that are not recyclable in your recycling cart. Doing so can contaminate the entire truck load, resulting in all the recycling in that truck having to be taken to a landfill.

The recycling program is not mandatory.

The following items are recyclable and must be emptied and thoroughly rinsed:


NOTE: Glass may be recycled at the recycling trailer located at the Compost Facility, or at one of the other drop-off recycling centers.  Please return all plastic shopping bags to a grocery or department store.

Each residence is provided two carts for the use of that location.  You should safeguard the cart from damage and theft, as well as keep the cart clean and in good appearance.  Should you need a cart repaired or to report your cart missing, please contact Allied Waste directly at 855-4226.

Carts should be placed at the curb on the day of pick-up and brought in at the end of the day.  When placing the cart by the curb side please position it so that it will not interfere with vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

Yard Waste
Yard waste such as grass clippings may not be disposed of in your normal trash collection.  The City maintains a composting facility at 2000 NW "A" Street for all residents to drop off yard waste.  As an option, should you not have the means to take your yard waste to the composting facility, you may contract with Allied Waste directly, for a monthly fee, to have a third cart delivered specifically for yard waste.  All waste collected is taken to the City's compost facility.

Hazardous Waste
Hazardous waste such as automotive products, pesticides, chemicals, and paints, to name a few, may not be disposed of with your solid waste or recycling.  Benton County Solid Waste holds a "Household Hazardous Waste Collection" every year to collect, and properly dispose of, these dangerous items.


NOTE:  Avoiding any of the necessary precautions could result in the delay or non-pickup of your cart.


For other information regarding the Composting Facility, click here.