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The objectives of the Stormwater Management Program are to improve the quality of stormwater in local receiving waters; provide and promote education about stormwater issues and concerns; to design, repair, replace, improve, and inspect stormwater facilities and conveyances throughout the City. In addition, the Engineering Department and the Stormwater Management Program supports Community Development by providing technical specifications, advice, and expertise to developers and citizens regarding City Stormwater design criteria and facilities.

Contact information below for drainage, stormwater, or flooding concerns:

Stormwater Coordinator
Janet Paith, CPESC
(479) 271-3168


In 2013, there are 21 Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems in Northwest Arkansas (MS4s) in Northwest Arkansas.  Bentonville’s MS4 permit has been in effect since the Clean Water Act revision in 2003.  The city is charged to create milestones and goals for the following six Minimum Control Measures.  Public Education/Outreach, Public Participation/Involvement, Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination, Construction Site Runoff Control, Post-Construction Runoff Control, Pollution Prevention/Good Housekeeping.  These minimum control measures are to preserve, protect, and improve the city’s water resources from polluted stormwater runoff. Partnerships with various agencies, such as the UofA Cooperative Extension Service, Northwest Regional Planning Commission, and Illinois River Watershed organization help the city reach the following goals.

GOAL #1:  Protect Citizens and Property from Flooding.

GOAL #2:  Improve Surface and Sub-surface Waters for Aquatic Life and other Beneficial Uses.

GOAL #3:  Preserve and Maintain Surface Waters, Wetlands, and Riparian Areas.

GOAL #4:  Citizens, Businesses, and Industries Cooperate to Protect Water Quality.

GOAL #5:  Urban Drainage ways Become Community Amenities.