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Bentonville Fire Department Recognizes Hunter Smith, New Captain, in Pinning Ceremony:


On Feb. 10th, Hunter Smith was recognized as a newly promoted Captain in the department at a pinning ceremony at Fire Station One. Captain Smith has 13 years of service to the Bentonville Fire Department and is also a paramedic. He works on B Shift under Deputy Chief Boydston. Hunter also was named 2015 Firefighter of the Year by his peers at the Bentonville Fire Department. we congratulate Captain Smith on his accomplishments!





FireFighter Survival Training - Through the Maze

This week, firefighters participated in training in firefighter survival. A difficult maze was set up, complete with wires, confined spaces, door entry, small entry holes in order to train firefighters on working in close quarters and through difficult situations. Better well trained than in trouble later!

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