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Truck 1 is a 2000 E-One HP 75' Side Stacker Quint. Its 1500 GPM single stage pump is powered by a 400 HP Cummins diesel through an Allison 3060 transmission. It has a 325-gallon tank and features 3 cross lays and side stacking rear hose bed where 5-inch supply line and 2 1/2-inch attack line are loaded
Truck 2 is a 1999 E-One 75' Quint. It has a 1500 GPM single stage pump, and is powered by a 400 HP Cummins with an Allison 3060 transmission. It carries a 325 gallon water tank.
 Rescue 1 is on a 2010 Pierce Impel six seat chassis with a Cummins ISL 425 HP engine and Allison automatic transmission. This apparatus is primarily for vehicular extrication and carries the PTO driven Amkus Ultimate hydraulic extrication system.  With its six power heads, firefighters can operate six tools almost simultaneously with no degradation to the performance of any tool being used.  The truck also has a 10 KW generator, light tower, and a 250 GPM pump, foam system, and carries 250 gallons of water
  Engine 1
Engine 3 is on a 2012 E-One Typhoon chassis with a 450 HP Cummins ISL engine and an Allison EVS 3000 transmission.  It supports a Hale Q Max 1500 GPM top mount pump and carries 780 gallons of water
Engine 4 is on a 2010 E-One Typhoon chassis with a 425 HP Cummins engine and an Allison EVS 3000 transmission.  It supports a Hale Q Max 1500 GPM top mount pump and carries 780 gallons of water
Engine 5 is a 2005 Pierce Quantum with a 1500 GPM Hale pump. It is powered by a 460 HP electronic Cummins engine, and an electronic Allison transmission.  It features a top mounted pump panel, two speed lays and two cross lays, as well as three rear loaded hand lines, and a 1 ¾" front mounted trash line. It also has a hydraulic ladder rack.
Antique Engine This 1935 model Ford homemade fire pumper is powered with a 1958 Ford flathead V-8 engine.  It has a Waterous positive displacement rotary vane pump and did carry a 200 gallon water tank until it was renovated for parade use in 1984. This fire truck was built from the chassis up by Walter Grimes, the grandfather of Captain Tony Grimes of this department. Mr. Grimes ran the city electric department in 1935, when he and other community minded men built the pumper.  A complete restoration was done in 2008 by Ray Pearce with R&R Street Rods.  Ray Pearce, the Grimes Family, and the BFD PMA funded the restoration.  The piece can be seen in several parades in the city, and parading retiring Chief officers around the square as a fitting send off.
Squads are Excellence Golden Eagle modules on Ford F-450 diesel chassis. It is paramedic level equipped, features LED interior lighting in the module, and has a spacious patient compartment with air ride suspension.  The Department runs a total of six modular paramedic ambulances covering the City of Bentonville and surrounding areas.
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