Beginning Spanish

Downtown Activity Center: 215 SW A Street Community Center: 1101 SW Citizens Circle
Hours vary by facility
Downtown Activity Center: 479-464-PARK (7275) Community Center: 479-696-0200
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Adult Beginning Spanish Class (Level 1) 

This first class is focused on learning how to have real-world conversations in Spanish in your community or while traveling abroad to Spanish speaking countries. You will come away from the first level with the ability to confidently approach a native speaker and carry on a typical conversation.  You will also have a basic understanding of Hispanic and Latin-American culture as it relates to everyday conversation. You will learn how to initiate and respond in many everyday situations.
Skills taught will be good pronunciation, common vocabulary, greetings/farewells and courtesies, questions, time, date, weather, family, careers, restaurant, shopping, hobbies and much more.

Adult Beginning Spanish Class (Level 2) 

The second class of two is focused on deepening your ability to converse more fluidly and over a wider variety of topics. After this class, you will be able to board a plane, train, metro or bus, navigate shopping, restaurants, hotels and site-seeing. You will better understand directions, commands, requests and answers to questions.

(Level 1 Spanish is not required to enroll in this course.)
Skills taught will be common verbs, grammar, pronouns, and forming/answering questions.  Traveling vocabulary and situations will be emphasized and practiced.  Holidays and festivals of Spain and Latin-American countries will be included.




Level Two- July 13th-August 31st

Level One- September 7th-October 26th

Level Two- November 2nd-December 28th (No Class November 23rd)

Class will take place on Thursdays

Time: 6:30-8:30pm

Cost: $135 member/ $145 non-member 

Ages: 18 and up

Location: Bentonville Community Center 


Sizzlin' Summer Spanish for Children

Sizzlin' Summer Spanish offers a fun and engaging introduction into Spanish for children! Students will gain beginner level Spanish language skills while participating in exciting and easy to follow stories. Students will leave the first class able to read an entire story in Spanish! Students will play games, draw pictures and listen to authentic Spanish pop songs to help attain language skills. Topics covered in this class include greetings, introductions, basic descriptions and food. Join us to see how fun and easy learning Spanish can be! 

The instructor will teach the class using the Comprehensible Input method, which emphasizes the need to hear and read large amounts of language before being asked to produce it. This method is quite different from the flashcard and fill-in-the-blank approach that is normally used. Lessons are conducted almost entirely in Spanish, but because of the slow pace, variety of fun activites and high level of repetition, students absorb the language and forget that they are learning! 

Students are encouraged to speak in Spanish, but it is not our main focus since speaking is one of the last elements of language acquisition. Even if your child has taken Spanish lessons before, they will be engaged and enthused by this class! 

Dates: July 11th-August 1st (4 weeks)

Times: Tuesdays from 6:00pm-7:30pm

Ages: 2nd-6th grade (7-12 year olds)

Cost: $70 member/ $80 non-member 

Class takes place at the Bentonville Community Center