Bentonville Fitness Series

Downtown Activity Center: 215 SW A Street Community Center: 1101 SW Citizens Circle
Hours vary by facility
Downtown Activity Center: 479-464-PARK (7275) Community Center: 479-696-0200
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2017 Quarterly Challenges 

Fee: $30 per quarter 

Options available: Beginner or Advanced 

Each quarter you will recieve:


First Quarter Challenges 

January 30 for 30
During January you will challenge yourself to complete 30 push-
ups, 30 sit-ups, 30 air squats and 30 minutes of cardio each week.

February TRAIN
Work your way through the 'TRAIN' board to get the Community Center experience. Challenging and new adventures await.

March Madness
March is an exciting month for college basketball, it is also an exciting month for fitness. Earn as many points as you can by completing fitness challenges listed on the March Madness handout! (given when registered)

Second Quarter Challenges 

April Ultra Marathon Challenge
Push yourself over that 'wall' during April's Ultra Marathon Challenge.
With the Bentonville Half taking place on April Fool's, the remainder of April consists of a set number of miles to acheive based on your skill level!

May A-May-Zing Race
This year's A-May-Zing race is unlike anything you've heard of. Grab your bike, and be on the look out! The A-May-Zing race is a bike race, with Detour Challenges each week to keep you on your toes. Each skill class has a set number of miles to ride. Detour Challenges must be completed before continuation of the race!

June Elevate Challenge
Based on your skill class, you will have a certain U.S. mountain to climb during June. Beginner class will climb the equivalent of the famous Pike Peak, and the advanced class will climb the tallest mountain in the United States, Mount McKinley. See you at the top!