Swim School

Downtown Activity Center: 215 SW A Street Community Center: 1101 SW Citizens Circle
Hours vary by facility
Downtown Activity Center: 479-464-PARK (7275) Community Center: 479-696-0200 parks@bentonvillear.com
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Bentonville Parks & Recreation is pleased to offer a variety of learning to swim classes for all different ages and ability levels at the Bentonville Community Center and Melvin Ford Aquatic Center!

Fee: $65 members/ $75 non-members per session 


Location: Bentonville Community Center 

Session Date
Session 6  June 6th-July 1st
Session 7  July 11th-August 5th
Session 8  September 5th-September 30th
Session 9  October 3rd-October 28th
Session 10  October 31st-November 18th

Location: Melvin Ford Aquatic Center 

Session Date 
Session 1  June 5th- June 15th
Session 2  June 19th- June 29th
Session 3 July 10th- July 20th
Session 4 July 24th- August 3rd
Session 5 Aust 7th- August 17th


Swim Lesson Class Descriptions

Level Ages Skills
Preschool 2.5-4 years
  • Water Basics
  • Water Safety Skills
Level 1 4-8 years 
  • Water Safety Skills
  • Basic Introductions
  • Floats
  • Good Swimmimg Habits
  • Freestyle Kick
  • Freestyle Introduction
  • Assisted Swimming
Level 2 4-10 years 
  • Unassisted Swimming
  • Swimming from jumping in
  • Backstroke Arms
  • Freestyle
  • Flutter Kick
  • Glides, Streamline
  • Introduce Underwater Swim
Level 3 5-12 years 
  • 10 yard swim unassisted
  • Backstroke arms + legs
  • Freestyle arm + legs
  • Flutter Kick
  • Glides, Streamline
  • Introduce Underwater swim
Level 4 5-14 years 
  • Front flip in water
  • 15 yard swim unassisted 
  • Rotary breathing introduction
  • Introduction to fly kick
  • Free/Back/Br Tempo
Level 5 6-15 years 
  • 20-25 yard swim unassisted
  • Dive introductions
  • Free/Back/Br technique
  • Fly arms + kick- tempo
  • Water Treading 15 seconds
Level 6 6-16 years 
  • Stroke technique
  • Working on getting legal kicks and tempo
  • Free/Back/Br/Fly technique
  • Tread 30 seconds
  • Flip turn introduction
  • Dive technique
Adult  16+ years 
  • Water Safety
  • Floats, glides
  • Freestyle introduction
  • Underwater swimming
  • Technique for fitness swimming
Parent/Tot 6 months-2.5 years 
  • Water Safety
  • How to Hold Kids in Water
  • How to Create a Love for Water and Swimming
  • Introduction to bubbles, underwater, floats
  • Kick with instructor, parent, on floatation devices
  • Free style arms

PRIVATE INSTRUCTION  Ages 2 ½ years old - adults

Private lessons are a great resource to further your swimming abilities for any age, and at any level. We usually suggest private lessons for people who are very nervous around the water, don’t fit the regular age and group levels, do better with one-on-one instruction, and/or looking for specialized results. If you are looking to try out for a swim team, or have a very specific goal in mind private lessons are a great option. We can setup an instructor that best fits the need of your swimmers end goals. Private lessons are often more flexible and catered directly towards what the individual swimmer is wanting out of the lessons.

SEMI-PRIVATE INSTRUCTION available upon request for similarly skilled individuals for an additional cost.  Interested participants should sign up for a private lesson, then speak with a manager about adding an additional participant.

NOTE: Completion of a class does not guarantee advancement to the next level.

Please alert instructors before the first day of class if there are any special needs or situations, which may assist us to enhance your child's learning experience.

Please read our refund policy



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