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The Bentonville Trail system consists of three looped trails within the parks, (Memorial Park, Lake Bella Vista, Park Springs Park), seven linear pedestrian pathways and bikeways along city streets, an all-terrain mountain bike trail, and on-road bicycle routes, creating a network of over 20 trail miles.

Arkansas Missouri Trail - .75 miles
This trail connects to the Moberly Lane trail just south of Wal-Mart’s David Glass building. The trail parallels the Arkansas Missouri Railroad and crosses under Interstate 540 to the Northwest Community College.

Bella Vista Lake Trail - 1.75 miles 
Bella Vista Lake Trail Map
This circular fitness trail loops around Bella Vista Lake and is located at the northern tip of Bentonville.  It is a 10' wide trail consisting of both concrete and asphalt.  While you're there, visit the Veterans War Memorial and let the children play on the playground, or have a picnic in the covered pavilion.

There are two parking areas, one on the west side of the lake, accessible directly from Hwy71 and another located on the east side of the lake.

Citizens Park Trail- .9 mile

The trail, just shy of a mile, is located at Citizens Park and loops around the Bentonville Community Center. This trail is perfect to use for walking or jogging while visiting the park. 

Crystal Bridges Trail - 1 mile
Crystal Bridges Trail Map
The Crystal Bridges Trail was built by the Crystal Bridges Museum and donated to the City.  The trail skirts the western perimeter of the Crystal Bridges Museum site and will include sculptures and a Sky Space designated by James Turrell that allows the viewer to experience the ever-changing aspects of light and space.

Parking is available at Compton Gardens, located at 312 N. Main Street and the A St Trailhead at 906 NE A St.

Downtown Trail - 1.1 mile
Between Sam's Home Office and the Bentonville Public Library on Main St. is an 8' wide concrete linear pathway improved with lighting and seating areas.

The sidewalks along Main St. provide a link to the Town Square and Compton Gardens.

Parking is available on the east end of the Bentonville Public Library, located at 405 S. Main St.

Enfield Trail - .2 mile
This trail begins at Enfield Park off Waverly Way in the Kingsbury Subdivision.  The trail head will provide a connection from the NE “J” Street (Memorial Park) area to the Crystal Bridges Trail, as well as the North Bentonville Trail.

This is a short trail with a moderate grade and adjacent to a spring.  This trail also intersects with one of Crystal Bridges soft surface trails.

Due to limited parking at the Enfield Park, there is additional parking located at 906 NE “A” Street, adjacent to the Crystal Bridges Trail.

Memorial Park Fitness Trail - 1 mile
Memorial Park Trail Map
This is a 10' wide asphalt trail located along the east, south, and west perimeter of Memorial Park, with a link along John DeShields Blvd. to the NE J St. Trail.

Memorial Park is home to the municipal pool, and is equipped with a skateboard park, sand volleyball, playground, baseball & soccer fields, and restrooms.  Memorial Park is located at 401 NE Martin Luther King Blvd. with parking available on the east and west sides of the park.

Moberly Lane Bike Trail - 2 miles
Moberly Lane Bike Trail Map
An 8' wide concrete sidewalk that creates a linear pathway along Moberly Lane, between SE 28th St. and Central Avenue. and connecting to the Memorial Park Fitness Trail.


Parking is available on the east side of Memorial Park on N Moberly Lane.


NE J Street Trail - 1.1 miles
NE J Street Trail Map
This trail is an 8' wide concrete sidewalk along NE J St.  It creates a linear pathway between Central Ave. & Tiger Blvd, and is connected to Memorial Park via the trail along John DeShields Blvd.


Parking is available on the west side of Memorial Park on John DeShields Blvd.


North Bentonville Trail - 2.2 miles
North Bentonville Trail Map
The North Bentonville Trail travels through natural wooded areas with a 10' wide concrete linear trail and an adjacent jogging path.  The trailhead is located at 2400 North Walton Blvd. with parking and restroom.

Park Springs Park Trail (Burns Trail) - .75 miles
Burns Trail Map
A nature walk trail equipped with nice wooden bridges. Trail travels through a wooded area complete with a natural spring and large rock bench seats to enjoy the scenery. Accessible from 2 locations, 1)Park Springs Park located at 300 NW 10th St., 2) Tiger Blvd. & A street intersection.

Trail of Two Cities - 1.5 miles

This 1.5 mile trail is located just south of SW Regional Rd and S.W. I Street. It begins just across the street from the entrance of the Bentonville Community Center and travels east to the Rogers city limits. 

Slaughter Pen Mountain Bike Trail - 14.03 miles
Mountain Bike Trail Map
This single-track trail is located on the mountainside just north of NW A St. and east of N Walton Blvd.; designed specifically for mountain bicyclists.

Trails are available for beginners, intermediate and advanced with special features including log rides, drops, jumps and a free ride area with table top jumps, bermed turns, and a wall ride.  Parking is available at 2400 N Walton Blvd., just south of the Bark Park.


South Bentonville Trail - 2.55 miles
This trail connects the southern most area of Bentonville to the downtown area, via the Townbranch trail.  It also connects Bentonville’s trail system to the Rogers trail system at SE Riviera Rd.  From south to north it passes by the NW Medical Center, federally protected wetlands area, Sam’s Club Home Office, Bentonville High School, Wal-Mart Fitness Center, and up to the Townbranch Trail on SE “J” Street.

Tiger Blvd Trail - 1.5 miles
Tiger Blvd Trail Map
The sidewalk along Tiger Blvd., between NW A St. and NE J St. provides a connection to the North Bentonville Trail and the NE J St. Trail.

Town Branch - .77 mile
Town Branch Trail Map
Town Branch Trail begins just southeast of the town square and east of Dave Peel Park traveling past a gazebo and through downtown neighborhoods to the intersection of SE 8th St. and SE J St.

Restrooms are available at Dave Peel Park and parking is located at the public lot on Central Ave. across from the County Administration Building at 215 E. Central Ave.


Wishing Springs Trail - 1.6 miles
Wishing Springs Trail Map
As part of the Razorback Greenway this trail connects Lake Bella Vista, travels under Interstate 540, under Benton County 40, and connects to Slaughter Pen and the North Bentonville Trail.

Parking is located on Wishing Springs Rd., just off Benton County 40.


Other Useful Maps:

Trails & Pathways Map
Trails Brochure
Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan

Trail Rules:

  • Trails are open from sunrise to sunset
  • Motor vehicles prohibited
  • Ride/walk on the right side of the trail
  • Give warning before passing other trail users
  • Obey all stop signs
  • On circular trails, walkers & runners go clockwise, bicyclists ride counterclockwise
  • Trail speed limit is 7 mph.
  • Speed training or racing is not permitted
  • Keep dogs leashed and under control
  • Do not litter
  • Pick up after pets
  • Helmets required for all bicycle riders 14 years & younger