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CDBG Advisory Committee



The purpose of the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Advisory Committee is to allocate CDBG funds in such a manner that maximum feasible priority is given to activities which will meet the overall community needs. This includes primarily the needs of low and moderate income families, minorities, elderly, disabled and/or aid in the prevention of slum and blighted areas.


The CDBG Advisory Committee members also serve in an advisory role to city staff in the planning, implementing, and assessing of the CDBG Program and to ensure continuity of the involvement of citizens throughout all stages of the CDBG Program. The CDBG Advisory Committee is authorized to review and recommend to the Planning Commission and City Council projects to be considered for CDBG funding; to review and assess CDBG Program performance; to prepare and recommend a Citizen Participation Plan; and to hold meetings and workshops to disseminate information to citizens.


Chris Sooter
Alan Lewis
Travis Riggs