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From time to time, the city makes amendments to the Zoning and Subdivision Codes. The most recent changes proposed and adopted are provided below.




None at this time.  


Recently Adopted


Sight Distances at Intersections & Commercial Driveways (12-12-2017)


Sign Ordinance - Private Property amendment (11-28-2017)


Subdivision Code, Art. 1600 Addressing amendment (11-28-2017)


Zoning for Medical Marijuana Dispensaries & Cultivation Facilities (09/12/17)


House Moving Amendment (08/22/17)  


Downtown Neighborhood Residential Zoning Districts  (10-11-16)


Future Land Use Map Amendment  Downtown Residential (10-11-16)


Sign Code (08-23-16)


Amendment to RC-2 Zoning District (06-14-16)


Design Standards for the Municipal Airport (02-09-16)


2015 Bike and Pedestrian Plan -  Text / Map    (07-14-15)


Residential & Commercial Street Light Standards (04-28-15)


Sidewalk Regulations Amendment  (04-22-14)


Future Land Use Map Amendment (04-22-14)


          Landscape Regulations Amendment  (09/10/13)


          Outdoor Vendor Regulations Amendment  (08/27/13)


          Exemption of Certain Street Improvements  (08/27/13)


          Public Art Policy Amendment  (05/14/13)


          Packaged Liquor Sales Regulations  (01/22/13)




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