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The Subdivision Code was adopted on June 10, 2003. The code provided here includes subsequent amendments and is provided for reference. For recent changes, visit the "Code Changes" page under the "Code" tab to the right. Please confirm the most up-to date regulations with the Planning Department.


Art. 100     General Provisions


Art. 200     Definitions


Art. 300     Administration


Art. 400     Preliminary Plats


Art. 500     Final Plats


Art. 600     Incidental Subdivisions


Art. 700     Large Scale Developments


Art. 800     Planned Unit Developments


Art. 900     Plat and Plan Requirements


Art. 1000  Survey Standards


Art. 1100   Design Standards


Art. 1200   Off-site Improvements


Art. 1300   Tree Protection


Art. 1400   Landscaping, Screening & Buffering


Art. 1500   Flood Damage Prevention


Art. 1600   Addressing


Appendix A   Flood Damage Prevention




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