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Here are some frequently asked questions.  After reviewing this information, if you still have questions, please contact us at (479) 271-3130.

What is the Difference between a Traffic Light and Street Light?

A Traffic Light is located at a road intersection with a red, yellow, and green light that facilitates traffic flow.  A Street Light is the light that illuminates an area of space for safety reasons.

Who do I call to report an issue with a Traffic Light?

Please contact the Traffic Signal Shop at (479) 271-3165

Who do I call to report an issue with a Street Light?

Please contact the Electric Department at (479) 271-3135

Why are there paint markings in my yard or on the road?

The painted markings indicate the approximate locations of utility lines.  When this occurs some form of maintenance is planned for that area.

Who do I call to report a dead animal in the road?

Please call the police dispatch number at (479) 271-3170 and they will dispatch an animal control officer out.

When will my street be plowed when snow and ice have accumulated on the roads?

The Street Department road priorities during snow removal are the arterial roads followed by the collector streets and then the local roads. To view these roads please look at the master street plan for the classifications of streets. This is a very slow process due to the amount of equipment and employee manpower. Typically it takes 24 to 48 hours to cover the entire City with at least one pass from one of the plow trucks depending on the amount of snow and ice accumulations.