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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the population of Bentonville?

At the 2010 Census - 35,301.

How many miles of streets are in Bentonville?

260.66 linear miles of city maintained streets.

How can I apply for a position at the Transportation or Street Department?

City of Bentonville Department of Human Resources - 271-5929 or 271-3191

117 West Central - 2nd Floor, Bentonville, AR  72712

How can I get a map of the City of Bentonville?

City of Bentonville Mapping Department - 271-6826

How does a group Adopt-A-Street?

You can go to the City of Bentonville Planning Department page and get the application and information concerning

adopting a street or call 271-6826.

Who can I contact about weather conditions on Arkansas State Highways?


Who can I contact concerning Arkansas State Highways?


Ark. State Highway District 9 Office - P.O. Box 610, Harrison, AR  72602-0610     Phone:  870-743-2100    

Ark. State Resident Engineer's Office - 3700 Hwy. 112, Bentonville, AR  72712   Phone:  479-273-7634

Ark. State Highway & Transportation Main Office - P.O. Box 2261, Little Rock, AR  72203-2261  Phone:  501-569-2000