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Automatic Bank Drafting
You can choose to have your utility bill drafted directly from your bank account each month on your due date. If you choose this option, you are still sent a utility bill each month, but you do not have to mail in a payment. Your bank account will be drafted on the due date printed on your utility bill. To sign up for this program we will need you to complete an authorization form and provide a voided check from the account you would like drafted each month. Just stop by our office or follow this link to print the authorization form.


Average Billing
After you have twelve bills issued you can choose to sign-up for the City’s Average Billing Program. This programs helps reduce the peaks and valleys in your utility bills. This program recalculates your average each month. By recalculating your average each month we eliminate the annual settle-up that normally takes place each year with many levelized billing programs.

To sign-up for this program, just stop by the office or follow this link to print the authorization form.

eGov for Utilities
The city offers 24/7 access to your utility account. No matter where in the world you are, you can access your utility account information and even pay your bill with a Visa or Master Card credit or debit card.

This website offers access to up to three years of billing, consumption and payment history.

To register you will need your utility account number, billing cycle and route. This information is on your utility bill or you may contact us for the information if you have misplaced your bill.

Go to and click the “Get PIN” button. During the registration process you will be prompted to set a password and provide an email address for a confirmation email to be sent to you. The confirmation email will have a link for you to click on to complete the process. Some email services, such as Yahoo! mail, Gmail and others will place this email in your junk mail folder. If you do not see this email within a couple of minutes in your inbox, please check your junk mail folder.


Separate from the eGov for Utilities website, you can sign up for a electronic notification that your bill is ready.  With eNotification, you can elect to continue to receive a paper bill in addition to the notification or you can go paperless.

To sign-up, just call or email This system provides only basic information, such as the amount due and when your due date is.  More detailed information is available via the eGov for Utilities website. 


Billing Cycles and Trash Collection Days
Billing cycles and trash collection days are available on the City GIS website at


Meter Reading

The City is in the process of converting to meters that report their reads automatically to the City, which will reduce the frequency a meter reader will need to come to your property to visually read your meter. Even after your meters have been converted to the new self reading meters, it will remain important for the meter department to have access to your meter(s) for maintenance and reading validation.

Please trim any bushes and do not pile anything on top of your water meter or in front of your electric meter. If you would like to keep your fence gate locked, please contact our office to arrange to drop off a key.


The City receives thousands of payments every month. To ensure your payment is promptly credited, please return your payment coupon and do not fold, staple or paperclip your payment(s). All checks and money orders should be made payable to the “City of Bentonville.” The City is not able to process two-party or post-dated checks.

Cash payments should only be made in person, do not mail or put cash in the drop-box.

If you use your bank’s online bill pay, please review their terms and conditions of service and ensure you are scheduling your payment early enough for it to be delivered to the City. These online bank payments are mailed to us as a check and are subject to the same delays that may occur as if you had mailed the payment yourself. Please ensure your complete and correct account number is included with your bank's online payment. If you are paying more than one utility account with your bank's online payment, each utility account payment needs to be submitted separately.

Credit and debit card payments may be made in person, online or by phone. The City accepts Visa and Master Card from the card holder. All cards must be signed for the City to process your payment.

The Utility Drive-thru is located at 402 S Main Street and is open from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday thru Friday. The entry to the drive-thru lane is off 4th Street. A walk up drop-box is located on the Main Street side of drive-thru building for after-hours payments. 

For your convienance after-hours an additional drop-box is located on the front of City Hall at 117 W Central Ave. Never place cash in any drop-box.