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Winter Energy Conservation Tips

· Close blinds, window shades and curtains at night to reduce heat transfer
· Turn down your thermostat
· Ensure your air filter is clean and air is able to flow unrestricted
· Unplug electrical devices not being used, especially items such as chargers that use power even when they are not being used
· Keep doors and windows closed if you are using your heating system
· Check for and repair air leaks around doors and windows
· Other air leaks can be found around electrical outlets, outside faucets, where your air conditioning lines enter the home, fireplace or any location where the outside wall has been penetrated
· Check the thermostat setting of your hot water heater, reduce to 120 to 140 degrees
· Turn off lights when you leave a room
· Turn off computers when not being used
· Turn off ceiling fans when no one is in the room
· Clean the coils of dust and dirt on the back of your refrigerator and freezers
· Ensure your heating system’s air registers do not have anything blocking them
· Minimize use of exhaust fans
· Consider using a humidifier to add moisture to the air. Higher humidity can make if feel warmer than dry air at the same temperature

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