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City Accepting Nominations for Annual Historic Preservation Award

Posted: May 11 2017

Press Release


DATE:  May 11, 2017

Contact: Danielle Shasteen
Phone: (479) 271-3122

City Accepting Nominations for Annual Historic Preservation Award

Bentonville, AR… The City of Bentonville is now accepting nominations for the inaugural Historic Preservation Award.

Nominations will be accepted through May 31, 2017.

To recognize the accomplishments of those who have taken a committed role in the preservation of Bentonville’s historic integrity, the city created the Historic Preservation Award.

Evaluation criteria:

1. Consistent property maintenance in terms of preservation or repair,
2. Additions and/or exterior renovations that are especially suitable or compatible  to existing structures, 
3. New construction that is compatible in terms of harmony, context, setting, and historic character, 
4. Overall appearance.

Any citizen, organization, business or agency may submit a nomination for property within the Bentonville city limits. You may nominate your own property or nominate someone else’s by filling out the application. All entries must be received by Wednesday, May 31st. Please visit here: http://www.bentonvillear.com/departments/planning-department/community-programs/historic-preservation-award/ for more information and the application.

Winning applications will be selected by a five member panel consisting of one City Council member, one Planning Commission member, two city staff, and a member at large.

For more information, please contact Danielle Shasteen, Senior Planner at (479) 271-3122 or dshasteen@bentonvillear.com.