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Mayor McCaslin Annouces Recognitions

Posted: April 18 2017

Press Release


Date:  April 18, 2017

Contact: Mayor McCaslin 
Phone:   (479) 271-5966

Mayor McCaslin Announces 1st Quarter Outstanding Citizen Awards and
Presents Proclamation for National Volunteer Week

Bentonville, AR – April 18, 2017…Mayor McCaslin is pleased to announce the 2017 first quarter winners of the Mayor’s Outstanding Citizen Award are:  Michael Narx, Bob and Amber Morey and The Torch Club at Boys and Girls Club of Bentonville. 

Michael Narx was nominated by Angie Brooks, Director of Volunteer Services at Northwest Arkansas Children’s Shelter (NWACS).  Angie first met Mike and his wife, Melissa in 2014.  Mike was the leader for a group of car enthusiasts, and they organized an event with the proceeds being donated to the Children’s Shelter.  The group has been huge advocates for the kids ever since.  Mike formed the group, “The Circuit”, whose motto is “a charity with horsepower.”  This group comes together throughout the year to raise money for various organizations throughout NWA, and they would not exist without Mike’s tireless efforts.  Mike and his wife Melissa and 2 children spend many Saturday mornings (even cold and windy ones) setting up for events to raise money for the children at NWACS who have been abandoned, abused or neglected.  He does this in addition to his full-time job.  They have even coordinated events on-site with their “souped up vehicles” revving the engines for the kids to enjoy, which is always a huge hit with the NWACS residents.  Angie adds that Mike exemplifies what makes Bentonville a great place to live and work.  He and his wife, Melissa, are great role models for all of us and demonstrate how you can bring together your favorite hobby and your passion for kids to make the world a better place! 

Bob & Amber Morey were nominated by Chris Hutchens on behalf of the Bentonville Tigers. According to Mr. Hutchens, Bob and Amber go above and beyond to support the Bentonville Tigers.  During football season, Bob and Amber are on the sidelines at home games making sure that everything is running smoothly.  For road games, Bob and Amber arrive at the Tiger Athletic Complex to load up all of the equipment, drive to the game, unload the equipment, support the team with anything they need during the game, load up after the game, drive back, and finally unload all the equipment.  They do this week after week, from week 1 in August until season’s end.  During offseason, they are always looking for ways to improve the program.  They not only support the football program, but they are front and center at home basketball games.  Additionally, they support the baseball, soccer and dance teams.  They have spent countless hours attending Booster club meetings.  Amber makes sure all the Tiger gear is ordered and ready to sell at the next event, and she also spends countless hours making sure all the concessions are ready to roll for all the different sports.  Whatever is needed, the Moreys are there.  Their dedication to the community often goes unnoticed by the casual fans, but to the Tiger coaches, players, parents and alumni, their support goes above and beyond.  Chris closed his nomination with these words, “Thank you to Bob and Amber Morey for being the absolute best Bentonville Tigers – we APPRECIATE you.”  

The Torch Club at the Boys and Girls Club of Bentonville was nominated by Bryan Collom.  Bryan serves as the advisor to this group, but is quick to acknowledge that he can take no credit for all that this Club does.  The group has brainstormed, planned and executed all of the projects themselves. The Torch Club is comprised of seventeen (17) 11-13 year olds and is the character and leadership organization within the Boys & Girls Club.  The Torch Club’s main areas of focus are service to Club and Community, health and fitness, education, and social recreation.  They recorded more than 400 hours of community service from August to December 2016.  The Torch Club has worked tremendously hard to create a better Club for their fellow members. They have made a tangible change in culture and atmosphere in the Club with their willingness to seek out service to both the staff members and club members alike.  Torch Club completed various projects throughout the fall semester, mostly during their time in the Club, Monday through Friday, 2:30 – 7:00 p.m.  Torch Club has assisted their fellow Club Members with their homework in the Learning Center, guided younger members in using the computers in the Tech Center effectively, and helped teach and run games in the Smart Moves program designed for the 6 & 7 year old members.  The Torch Club has also adopted a portion of Memorial Park and have spent two Fridays of their Club time going out and cleaning up the park through Bentonville Parks & Recreation’s “Adopt-A-Park” program.  They helped the less fortunate throughout the City by volunteering their time at a local food bank before Thanksgiving.  The Torch Club also planned and executed a project named, “The Twelve Days of Torchmas” in which they completed twelve acts of community service to the Club and community between December 1 & December 15.  The acts included:  cleaning up their adopted park, making thank you posters and delivering treats to the Police and Fire Departments, spreading holiday cheer with caroling around the Club, sending care packages to soldiers deployed overseas, volunteering at a local food pantry for a second time, reading to the younger Club members, donating a portion of the “Healthy Choices Concession Stand” to the Arkansas Children’s Hospital, volunteering with the Club staff throughout one day with running games and end of day clean up, making a thank you card for the Station Café for being part of our community, making personalized cards to thank the Boys and Girls Club staff for all they do, and providing over 20 journals to those in need at the Arkansas Children’s Shelter.  This group has far exceeded Bryan’s wildest expectations in their willingness to help others around them.  According to Bryan, “they are forging a future that is selfless, caring, and willing to help others at the drop of a hat.” 

National Volunteer Week, April 23-29, 2017, a program of Points of Light, is about “inspiring, recognizing and encouraging people to seek out imaginative ways to engage in their communities.  It’s about demonstrating to the nation that by working together, we have the fortitude to meet our challenges and accomplish our goals.”   

Mayor McCaslin will present a National Volunteer Week proclamation to Ms. Joy Shorb.  For several years, Ms. Shorb has voluntarily picked up trash on a daily basis in parks close to her home.  She has smiled, encouraged and cheered on visitors and residents alike while she is out on her daily walk gathering trash along her way.  Ms. Shorb was recognized as Mayor McCaslin’s Outstanding Citizen Award recipient for 2nd Quarter 2011 for these same good deeds.   The Mayor’s office continued to receive word of Ms. Shorb’s acts of kindness resulting in Mayor McCaslin’s decision to issue the proclamation to Joy, who truly lives up to her name, she spreads joy to all around her. 

The Outstanding Citizen Award program was initiated in January 2011 to recognize the exceptional volunteer contributions of Bentonville residents.  There are three award categories: adult, youth and community group.  Second quarter 2017 nominations will be accepted until June 16th.  To obtain a nomination form and additional information, please visit the City’s website at www.bentonvillear.com.