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Mayor Seeking 4th Quarter 2014 Outstanding Citizen Nominations

Posted: December 08 2014

Bentonville, AR – December 4, 2014…Mayor McCaslin is seeking nominations for the 4th Quarter 2014 Outstanding Citizen Award.  Nominations close on December 19th.  The Mayor will announce the winners on December 22nd.  This date was chosen so winners will receive notice of their award right in the midst of the holiday season.  An award recognition event will be held in mid-January 2015.

Mayor McCaslin said, “The holidays are a fabulous time to celebrate the simplest yet most magnificent gifts of time, kindness and empathy. By recognizing the good deeds of volunteers, we are nurturing their leadership skills.  These skills ensure a brighter future for them personally, professionally and socially. For many local non-profit organizations, the holidays are an extremely busy time of year.  Volunteers rally to help with holiday specific charitable giving programs. Many if not all of these volunteers participate in these programs year after year. We’d love to hear about these individuals and groups. We especially like to hear about youths who at a young age already demonstrate compassion for their fellow neighbors and peer groups…those who are role models in their school and community.”  

The Outstanding Citizen Award program was initiated in January 2011 to recognize the exceptional volunteer contributions of Bentonville residents.  It was designed to recognize those who take time from their busy lives to assist others, those who never tire of giving back, and those who share their zest for volunteer work with others.  There are three award categories: adult, youth and community group.  To obtain a nomination form and additional information, please contact the Mayor’s Assistant at (479) 271-5966 or visit the City’s website at www.bentonvillear.com.