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Public Safety

Fire Department

The Bentonville Fire Department is a full service professional fire department providing all-hazard response to our city and the surrounding area.  Our services include public education, fire prevention, risk management, strategic planning, fire suppression, fire investigation, hazardous materials mitigation, technical (high angle, swift water, confined space) rescue, vehicle rescue, and advanced life support utilizing six paramedic ambulances. The department has six fire stations strategically located throughout the city to minimize response times. The ISO (Insurance Services Office) classifies areas based on their fire department's ability to combat fires and has assigned the City of Bentonville a Class 2 rating, with 10 being the worst rating and 1 being the best rating. 


Police Department

The Police Department has a 97 member staff.  Included in this staff are 67 sworn officers and 30 professional staff members.  The Department is comprised of three divisions, including the Administrative Division, Uniform Division, and the Criminal Investigation Division. Each of these divisions is staffed by dedicated men and women who work together on a daily basis to provide quality services to each of our residents and visitors.  Making the City of Bentonville a better, safer place to live, work and visit is our top priority.