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Annual Assessment

We would like to remind tax payers that the May 31st deadline for both Personal and Commercial
Assessment is quickly approaching.

Blank commercial assessment forms can be found on the county web site.

The commercial assessments may be filed electronically at bccomfiling@co.benton.ar.us.

Benton County Government has offices around the county to serve the taxpayers. There are offices in Bentonville, Rogers, Gravette, and Siloam Springs.

• Bentonville
o 215 E Central
o Olive/28th St Branch, 2308 SE 28th St.

• Rogers ‐ 300 W Poplar (the old Rogers Administration Bldg.)

• Gravette ‐ 108NE Main

• Siloam Springs ‐ 707B S Lincoln.

If there are no changes, personal assessments may be done over the telephone by calling the
Bentonville office at 271‐1033, or online at co.benton.ar.us. For long distance calls in the Northwest
Arkansas area,the phone number is 888‐267‐7337.

For further information and/or assistance, you may contact:
• 479‐271‐1033