Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Advisory Board

Purpose and Charge

Provide leadership assistance and advice to the DEI Community Taskforce and City staff. Build relationships among members and leaders of the community (bringing together a diverse group of people--city, business, community members, schools, the faith-based community, cultural, etc.) to support Bentonville Together.

The advisory board will help examine and address issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion within the City of Bentonville with the goal of ensuring the City of Bentonville is welcoming to all and all feel a part of the community.

Working together, the City will coordinate, encourage, and implement initiatives and activities to learn, listen, and lead (Document Attached) to promote an inclusive community that reflects the rich and diverse experiences and cultures in our city.

Phase one of the Mayor's DEI Advisory Board will include:

Bi-monthly meetings

Support in the facilitation of the DEI Community Task Force and City Staff for community listening sessions

Advisory input on Bentonville Together Initiative

Help promote educational/cultural lectures, events, and activities

Gather and review data on relevant diversity topics

Review and discussion

Build a stronger relationship with the City of Bentonville Police Department, public offices, community safety organizations, and diverse individuals of our community

The DEI Advisory Board is comprised of members of the City of Bentonville and subject matter experts in the field of DEI.

Members will serve a one-year term.

The Mayor's DEI Community Advisory Board help City leadership discuss how to implement improvements in programs, analyze community input, organizational procedures, and policies.

2021-2022 Advisory Board

Rachel Spencer
Dr. Megan Bolinder
LaTricia Hill-Chandler
Ben Hasan
Dr. Todd Jenkins
Rachel Spencer
Emma Pengelly
Monica Kumar
Patti Leith
Mike Malone
Esther Silver-Parker
Emma Pengelly


Chris Seay
Terry Simmmons
Carla Thompson
Tony Waller

Ex-Officio Board Members

Mayor Stephanie Orman
Police Chief Ray Shastid
Debbie Griffin

OrmanRay Shastid - Bentonville PoliceDebbie Griffin
Mayor Stephanie Orman
Police Chief 
Ray Shastid
Debbie Griffin
Director, Economic Development and Community Relations