Housing Affordability Workgroup


4th Friday of each month at 11:00 a.m. in the City Council Chambers, 305 SW A Street, Bentonville

Agendas and Minutes

If you would like to view online register at this link,  https://us06web.zoom.us/j/89485475297?pwd=aHI3ZkhmbDJkRDkweVVwdGFGNWxyUT09

Role of the Workgroup

The Housing Affordability Workgroup was established by resolution of the City Council on November 9, 2021.

The role of The Work Group is to conduct a review of housing needs, availability, and affordability in Bentonville by: 

a)    Defining affordable housing, work force housing, and any distinctions between the two;

b)    Analyzing the cost, availability, and application requirements for affordable and work force housing, both existing and planned in the City; and

c)    Assessing the ways the City might have an effect on the availability, affordability, and application requirements of affordable and work force housing.

The Work Group will consist of 7 non-compensated members who shall be appointed by the Mayor, and affirmed by the City Council, to serve in this voluntary role. The membership should reflect representation from various community stake holders, for example:  local non-profit housing authorities, local developers or builders, ULI or NWAHBA members, private citizens, etc. this suggested list is non-exhaustive. The Mayor shall appoint the Chairperson and Secretary from the 7 members appointed. The Mayor shall appoint 1 City Council member to serve as part of the 7 member Work Group. The Mayor shall appoint at least 3 City staff members to serve in an advisory and informational capacity.

The meetings for the Work Group will be open to the public and the Work Group will host at least two public workshops specifically for public comment; 

The Work Group will serve under the guidance of the Planning Department for administrative purposes; and 

The Work Group will prepare a written report outlining a plan of action responsive to the tasks contained in Section 2, summarizing the public input and data analysis, and providing recommendations for further study if needed. These findings shall be presented to City Council by June 30, 2022, at which time more tasks may be assigned to the Work Group, at the discretion of the Mayor or the City Council, for its final report due by November 30, 2022. 

Click here to view files provided by committee members in the Housing Affordability Workgroup. 

Awais Amin
Debbie Martin
Jeff Webster, Chairperson
John "Ben" Van Kleef
Paige Sauerwein
Patti Constantakis
Gayatri Agnew, City Council - Ex Officio
Bill Burckart, City Council - Ex Officio