Short-term Rental Work Group


On February 28, 2023, City Council approved a resolution establishing a Short-term Rental Work Group to study short term rentals in Bentonville. 

This is a six-month, nine-member work group  to study the effects of short-term rentals (STRs) and prepare recommendations for managing short-term rentals, if needed, in Bentonville. 

The role of the work group is to conduct an analysis of the short-term rental environment in Bentonville  by:

a) collecting feedback on the impacts of STRs in the community and local neighborhoods;

b) studying solutions to address negative impacts; and

c) preparing recommendations for managing short-term rentals in Bentonville. 

Note: This work group has concluded.

The presentation of the findings and recommendations of the work group will be on the following city council agendas:

Committee of the Whole

Monday, Nov. 13 

6:00 pm

Council Chambers

305 SW A Street

*Presentation Only


City Council Meeting

Tuesday, Nov. 28

6:00 pm

Council Chambers

305 SW A Street

*Ordinance will be on the agenda for a vote

Agendas & Minutes

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