Planning Documents

Bentonville Community Plan

The Bentonville Community Plan provides the guidance necessary to answer these questions and sets the course for the future of the community. By taking full advantage of its assets and the overwhelming sense of community stewardship, this Plan will ensure Bentonville has the vision, tools, focus, and strategies necessary to realize its full potential. Click here to download

Master Street Plan (2021)

The City of Bentonville maintains a Master Street Plan which constitutes the official policy on the future location and function of all roadway systems. This report serves to guide the conclusions of the Master Street Plan through analysis of the roadway network. Click here to download

Bike and Pedestrian Master Plan

Bentonville is taking a proactive approach to active transportation development because of the numerous benefits trails provide to the community. The health and fitness benefits are obvious, but trails can support a clean environment, promote economic development and provide alternatives for transportation. Click here to download.

Bentonville Blueprint

By any measure, Bentonville has transformed dramatically over the lifetimes of many of its residents – how much, depends on how long the observer has lived or worked in Bentonville. The focus of this project, development of an economic development strategic plan for the City of Bentonville deemed Bentonville Blueprint, is driven by the myriad visions of Bentonville’s leaders, residents, and stakeholders of what Bentonville can and should strive to be for those lucky enough to call it home. Click here to download

Downtown Master Plan (2007)

The purpose of the Downtown Master Plan is to gather all of the concepts, ideas and recommendations, add additional data, analysis, research, and public involvement to create a formalized plan with strategies for implementation that is adopted by City Council and Main Street Bentonville. The Downtown Master Plan is the primary tool that identifies a common vision and the methods and techniques to bring that vision to reality. Click here to download.

N. Walton Boulevard Enhancement Plan

Click here to download