Compost Facility

The city of Bentonville produces and sells composting materials.


  • Bentonville citizens may dispose of yard waste with a recent utility bill and a photo identification.
  • Recycling bins are available at the Composting Facility during normal business hours.
  • Bentonville Compost Facility no longer accepts commercial waste haulers.


Compost Fees

Description New Fees starting July 1, 2018
Bagged compost 40 lbs bag $ 4 Dollars per bag
Screened compost $ 20 Dollars per cubic yard
Unscreened compost
​Free to residents when available
$ 12 Dollars per cubic yard
Raw mulch or composted wood hulls
​ Free to residents when available
$ 8 per cubic yard
Raw mulch or composted wood hulls   
$ 20 per load
Unscreened Compost
$ 20 per load
Bulk means 10 cubic yards or more.