Code Compliance Application

A Code Compliance Application must be submitted prior to applying for a commercial addition permit, commercial remodel permit, tenant infill permit, or sign permit. The form can be submitted to the Building Inspections Department.

Building Permit Applications

The Building Inspections Department accepts applications for all buildings and structures. For more information about each permit, visit the Building Permit Applications page.

Engineering Applications

The Engineering department accepts applications for grading permits, retaining wall permits, and floodplain permits.Visit the Engineering Department page for additional details.

Fence Permit Application

Before construction a new fence, a fence permit is required. Submit the fence permit application to the Building Inspections department. 

Sign Permit Application

All new signs, replacement of sign faces and remodel or renovation of signs must first obtain a sign permit by submitting an application to the Building Inspections department. Visit the Sign Code page for more details on sign regulations and application requirements.

Zoning Applications

The Planning & Zoning Department accepts applications for rezonings and conditional uses that require approval by the Planning Commission and variances that require approval from the Board of Adjustment. All zoning applications below can be submitted to the Planning & Zoning Department.