Water Department

Vision Statement

Bentonville’s water utility staff remains steadfast in assuring the citizens, businesses and guests we serve that quality plans are developed, proper water and wastewater infrastructure is installed and that the future of the water utilities has a solid foundation for generations to come. We are committed to hold true to a high standard of conduct from our team, which will be reflected in the operation and maintenance of Bentonville’s water utilities systems. We will pursue avenues and set standards that will ensure Bentonville’s water and wastewater systems will function properly and provide quality service for today’s population and projected growth. Bentonville’s water utilities team is ready to assist you today, tomorrow and into the future.

After Hour Emergencies (Water & Sewer Repair)

If you are having water and/or sewer problems after hours and need assistance, the Water Utilities Department has personnel on standby around the clock. Just call the after-hours number, 800-286-1262, describe the situation, and the appropriate personnel will be paged to come out and assist you.

You may also report a concern to bentonville311.com to report an issue. This will allow you to track your request as progress is made and keep your concern in a database for City accountability.

The City of Bentonville Water Utilities Department operates and maintains a water distribution system and a sewer collection system. Bentonville purchases its water from Beaver Water District which obtains and disinfects the water from Beaver Lake.

Our Water Utilities Department is made up of 39 full time employees who are dedicated to provide the residents of Bentonville with professional and prompt service. Our water system has a 1 million gallon elevated storage tank located on Water Tower Road, a 2 million gallon elevated storage tank on Northwest 12th street and 2 ground storage tanks of 3 million gallons and 6 million gallons located on Walton Boulevard. These storage facilities allow Bentonville to have appropriate water storage for peak demand and to supply adequate pressure.

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Sewer Collection

Our Sewer Collection system is made up of sewer main lines and manholes. The purpose of the sewer collection system is to provide a route for wastewater to reach the Bentonville Wastewater Treatment Plant through sewer main lines which vary in size from 6 to 24 inches while travelling through some of our 3,000 manholes.

Cross Connection & Control Program (CCCP)/Backflow Prevention

The City of Bentonville has an active and comprehensive Cross Connection and Control Program. Our program is modeled by and supported throughout the Arkansas Department of Health. The City of Bentonville's CCCPs sole intent is to protect the integrity and safety of our drinking water and distribution system. The CCCP details and defines the types and uses of approved Backflow Prevention Assemblies and testing necessities. Protection of our/your drinking water is paramount to the City of Bentonville Water Utilities. Our CCCP is a helpful step in assuring that our citizens and guests received the best possible product we can provide.


Water Utilities Mission Statement

“The mission of Bentonville’s Water Utilities dedicated staff is to serve as water and wastewater professionals, providing consistent, reliable and sustainable services for the citizens of Bentonville, AR.”